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The DHI Podcast is an audio-book-style podcast dedicated to the history of Walt Disney, the Disney Studio, and the Disney Parks. Only on Bandcamp will you have access to all 250+ episodes, including EXCLUSIVE series, not available elsewhere, and EARLY access to many episodes months before they are available on any other platform. Exclusive multi-episode series include:

* the Unbuilt Disneyland series (featuring stories of never-built attractions, such as Liberty Street and Edison Square)
* the ongoing Long History of Leota series (which explores the early history of the Haunted Mansion)
* Walt Disney and Riverfront Square (the story of an indoor theme park Walt wanted to build in St. Louis)
* Walt's First Park (the little-known story of an entertainment complex Walt tried to build in the late 1930s)
* The Water, the Wavemaker, and the Secret Hotel (the story of the development of Walt Disney World)
* the full, ongoing AGD series
* and many others.

You also have the opportunity to help support and expand this podcast--and the research that goes in to each episode. Just set your own subscription rate, with a minimum of $4/month, and you'll instantly have access to all that is here. You can cancel any time. Your subscription helps preserve and present the history of Walt Disney, the Disney Studio, and the theme parks.

Here’s what you get: